English Contest 2022 Final!


< First of  all >

Today we had the English Contest. Junior high school students prepared for this event through the second half of the school year. Finalists from each class were able to perform on the stage and had an opportunity to give a speech, make a presentation, or tell a short story, in front of their classmates.

< First year students >

First year students did a recitation and memorized a passage from the well-known story and movie, “City Lights”, starring the famous comedian and actor, Charles Chaplin aka “Charlie”. Finalists spent a very long time practicing their intonation and pronunciation. Their performance was flawless and gorgeous! All of them did an excellent job!

< Second year students >

Second year students prepared presentations regarding SDGs topics and society isssues. Gyosei is deeply involved in the study of SDGs, and students are constantly facing society matters, and asked to think of unique solutions, in particular regarding the City of Hirakata. To prepare and gather information on their topics, students surveyed people from Hirakata City and then asked the same questions to people from abroar. Hopefully this experience will encourage students to continue to grow in their understanding of these issues and also think of possible solutions, too.

< Third year students >

Third year students gave speeches based on “Their Future Dreams”, “Their Memories at Gyosei” or regarding “Their SDGs Experiences and Researches”. As it is their final year in junior high school, it was a good chance for them to share to their classmates about their goals and ambitions. We were able to hear a wide range of ideas, researches and possible solutions for a better society. They were able to share clearly and passionately what their dreams and what their beliefs were and what they needed to do to achieve them. We wish you all the very best and hope you can makes those ideas into reality one day! Your ideas will build the future of tomorrow.

< Lastly >

Well done to all the students who spoke on stage today. You practiced hard and gave your best! To those who did not speak today, make it your goal to be a finalist next year! To the third year students, good luck in high school. Continue to study English hard and never give up! It will definitely help open many doors in the future.

<  First year students >

🏆 1st place 🏆    class 1-A   Kaede Arimoto & class 1-C Takuya Omura

🥈 2nd place 🥈   class 1-C  Momoka Yamamura

🥉 3rd place 🥉   class 1-C  Yuki Iida

< Second  year students >

🏆 1st place 🏆      class 2-A   Nomura, Hirose, Fujita

🥈 2nd place 🥈   class 2-A  Okazaki, Fujimoto, Watanabe

🥉 3rd place 🥉   class 2-C  Dohi, Hashino, Irai, Nakagawa

<  Third year students >

🏆 1st place 🏆      class 3-C   Sora Sakai

🥈 2nd place 🥈   class 3-C  Haru Shozaki & class 3-A Rui Sakai

🥉 3rd place 🥉   class 3-B  Yuto Nakamura