Visit from Graduate Student


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Many students in Class 2-5 have expressed interest in studying fields such as foreign languages and global relations. Therefore, Ms. Sato, their homeroom teacher, arranged for one of her former students to give a talk about his experience studying abroad and the importance of learning English.

Mr. Kei Kuroda graduated from Gyosei High School seven years ago. After that he moved abroad to study at Tokai University’s Hawaii campus. Upon returning to Japan, he established his own cram school called Smile Juku. Currently, he manages the school and regularly uploads teaching videos to YouTube to assist students in improving their English abilities.

He shared that, despite scoring 16/100 on his English tests in his first year of high school, with determination, one can achieve the unexpected. Mr. Kuroda transformed from failing his English classes and facing multiple parent-teacher interviews to teaching and empowering students to expand their opportunities through English.

With the right attitude, a specific goal, motivation, and persistence, great achievements are always within our reach.

Do you know what a foreign accent is? It’s a sign of bravery.

– Amy Chua