Shortened School Day – 3rd Year Students


3rd year students came to school for the first time after about a month of having to study from home. Students were in good spirits entering classrooms and seeing their classmates and teachers after a long period apart.

Until the end of May, students will be coming to school twice a week to receive guidance on how best to study at home. 3rd year students will come to school on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Today, students had 3 classes, 30 minutes each for Extended Home Room, Japanese, and math.

On Saturday, they will have classes for English, sciences, and social studies.

Tomorrow, 1st year students will come to school for the second time this week. Remember to wash your hands, gargle, and check your temperature before coming to school. The schedule for tomorrow is as follows:

SHR 10:00~10:10

1st period 10:10~10:40        1~3: English, 4~6: Social Studies, 7~10: Science

2nd period 10:50~11:20        1~3: Science, 4~6: English, 7~10: Social Studies

3rd period 11:30~12:00        1~3: Social Studies, 4~6: Science, 7~10: English

Please remember to leave school by 12:45 each day.