Shortened School Day – 3rd Year Students


3rd-year students came to school today for the second last time during this stay-at-home period. Our school will slowly return to regular classes following the announcement from the government to lift the state of emergency across the country.

Today, students had classes for extended homeroom, math, and Japanese.

There is a sense of excitement in the air as this stay-at-home period draws to a close. Students will be attending school with shortened schedules for the first two weeks of June. For more detailed information, please check posts on Classi.

1st-year students will have the following schedule for tomorrow.

SHR 10:00~10:10

1st period              10:10~10:40        1~3: English, 4~6: Social Studies, 7~9: Science

2nd period             10:50~11:20        1~3: Science, 4~6: English, 7~9: Social Studies

3rd period             11:30~12:00        1~3: Social Studies, 4~6: Science, 7~9: English