Shortened School Day – 3rd Year Students


3rd-year students came to school for their 4th day of schooling. We are nearing the end of this schooling period. Both teachers and students are eager to get back to a regular schedule once again.

In English classes today, students took tests to check their understanding of new grammar points and vocabulary.

Students in the advanced class practised their writing skills for university entrance exams. Challenge yourself and try to translate the following Japanese sentence below into English.

On Monday, 1st-year students will come to school with the following schedule:

SHR 10:00

1st period              10:10~10:40        1~3: LHR, 4~6: math, 7~9: Japanese

2nd period             10:50~11:20        1~3: Japanese, 4~6: LHR, 7~9: math

3rd period             11:30~12:00        1~3: math, 4~6: Japanese, 7~9: LHR

Have a great weekend! Take care and stay safe if you are going outdoors. If you have time, check out our official social media accounts.