Shortened School Day – 3rd Year Students


3rd-year students had their 3rd day of schooling today and had classes for extended homeroom, math, and Japanese.

Students received important guidance regarding applications to Tokai University in their extended homeroom. Usually, students would gather in the school auditorium to receive such guidance, however, to keep social distancing standards, students watched a video instead.

In math class, students studied about absolute values in algebraic equations, and in Japanese class, students took a short test to check their understanding of recently studied material.

Tomorrow, 1st-year students will come to school with the following schedule:

SHR 10:00~10:10

1st period              10:10~10:40        1~3: English, 4~6: Social Studies, 7~9: Science

2nd period             10:50~11:20        1~3: Science, 4~6: English, 7~9: Social Studies

3rd period             11:30~12:00        1~3: Social Studies, 4~6: Science, 7~9: English

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