Shortened School Day – 3rd Year Students


3rd year students came to school for their second day of schooling this week. Although the weather was a bit gloomy, students seemed happy to see their classmates once again.

Today, students had 3 classes, 30 minutes each for English, sciences, and social studies.

Students made the most of this chance to ask questions to their teachers about things they needed help with.

1st year students will be back on Monday for their 3rd day of schooling with the following schedule.

SHR 10:00

1st period              10:10~10:40        1~3: LHR, 4~6: math, 7~9: Japanese

2nd period             10:50~11:20        1~3: Japanese, 4~6: LHR, 7~9: math

3rd period             11:30~12:00        1~3: math, 4~6: Japanese, 7~9: LHR

Have a great weekend, and see you next week!