Seigasai – Cultural Festival 2023


  • 学校生活
  • 学校行事

Over the weekend, we had the Cultural Festival part of Seigasai. On Saturday, clubs including the Cheerleading Club, the Baton Twirling Club, and the Drama Club performed for the school. Then on Sunday, classes showed off their attractions, exhibits and decorations around the school. High school classes worked hard to design fun attractions for visitors. There was a Jaws attraction, a Mario themed class game, a horse racing attraction, and even casino games! Students also designed their own class t-shirts – which design did you like the best?

Students who graduated from Gyosei were invited to visit. People from the local community also received an invite to join. In the auditorium, there were dance performances, traditional Japanese rakugo, and even a performance by the teachers band. It’s safe to say that a fun time was had by everyone who attended.

If you came, which part was your favorite?