Opening Ceremony ・ New Classes


  • 学校生活
  • 学校行事

Today we had our first official day where all students were present at school. First, second-year students gathered with their old classmates to receive documents such as their health cards, emergency contact details etc. They then excitedly moved to their new classrooms and met their new home room teachers.

Soon after that, all students moved to the school gym. It was the first time in three years that the student body was able to meet together for a school assembly. Second-year and third-year students welcomed the incoming first-year students. It was a fresh feeling for everyone.

Students then had a year-level assembly to introduce new teachers and receive some advice about the upcoming Tokai University examinations. Finally students moved back to their classrooms for Long Home Room.

There is an atmosphere of excitement as we look towards the new academic year. Let’s make it a great one together!