Homeroom in English!


  • 学校生活

A lot of people ask, “What should I do to improve my English?” There are so many different things that we can do to improve a language skill. The best way is to use it!

Mr. Kojima, the homeroom teacher for class 2-9, has decided to conduct parts of his class’ homeroom all in English. He is a mathematics teacher, by the way. Today in the morning homeroom, Mr. Kojima shared some good news about a Gyosei student giving up their seat to someone on the train. He also shared about two upcoming information sessions. The first will be about H.T.I.C., Tokai University’s campus in Hawaii, USA. The other will be about the Faculty of Biology at the Hokkaido campus.

What a great initiative to motivate his students! He’s hoping that this new way of doing homeroom will encourage his students to also use more English in their daily lives.