Hair and Uniform Check – 2nd Year Students


  • 学校生活

On a regular basis, all students have their hair and uniforms inspected by the year level co-ordinator. At Gyosei, having a presentable haircut is an important component of the school uniform. We have also officially entered the second semester for the year and therefore students are required to wear their blazers to school. The second-year students are the last year to be wearing the older uniform. Next year will be the last time we will see this version of the school uniform. Wear it with pride and be a good representative of Osaka Gyosei! 💪

If you didn’t see the news, both the soccer team and rugby team will compete in their respective National Championships this winter. No matter what it is in life – studies, club activities, the way you wear your uniform – the following quote rings true.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”Vincent Van Gogh