First-Year Students – Information Sessions


First-year students had a few information sessions in the afternoon yesterday.

For the first time at Gyosei, students will take a subject which is known as “Inquiry-based Learning”. This type of class encourages students to ask their own questions about things they are interested in and then work together to find the answers to those questions. The teachers in charge have written an original textbook that students will use. For the first year, only Classes 1 and 9 will take this subject. We believe it will be a great opportunity for students to grow, and we are excited to improve this program over time.

Classes 2 to 8 gathered in the assembly hall to listen to a couple of presentations. First, students heard from Kano Sensei about Tokai University, TG10Cs and SDGs. After that, Hashibe Sensei gave a talk about Novel Reading. First-year students will read “Kitchen” by Banana Yoshimoto.